The History: 2005 - Today

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Tenancy Week activities were previously limited to information stalls across the ACT, tenancy law workshops and the occasional forum.

2005 saw a series of events and two displays of artworks. 


BAC tenants exhibited at Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre, an exhibition by North Ainslie Primary School and "A Bunch of Fives" actor's jam at Street Theatre.




On Tuesday 3 October 2006 Tenancy Week was officially launched by the Housing Minister John Hargreaves at Canberra Multicultural Centre.

The event featured tenancy speakers, a performance by Inannarama Singing Group and an exhibition by tenants from Northside Community Centre.





The first art competition and exhibition was born, with the theme 'Home', thanks to Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre's exhibition space. 


Entries were judges by three ACT arts community members.



1st Prize: Michelle Hawkins

2nd Prize: Madeleine Dorman

3rd Prize: Michelle Hawkins




The theme for 2008 was 'Home'. This year focused solely on the Art Competition and Exhibition at Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre.


The art exhibition ran for two weeks with the help of the Community Linkages Program (WMCA Canberra) & ACT primary school.


1st Prize: Belinda McDowell

2nd Prize Dr Possum

3rd Prize Samantha Aston




2009's them was 'Tenants Make Our City'. 


This year's 2 week Art Exhibition and Competition at Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre exhibited 40 artworks.


1st Prize: Justin Sankey
2nd Prize: Belinda McDowell

3rd Prize: Rob Cowan





The theme for 2010 was 'Rent or Own, it's still my home'. Again hosted at the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre, a People's Choice award was introduced to encourage community participation. Over 50 Canberra tenants entered.


1st Prize: Madeleine Dorman

2nd Prize: Belinda McDowell

3rd Prize: Novie Creech
People's Choice: Carlsford





The theme for 2011 was 'Sharing a Bond'.



Hosted at the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre, 44 Canberra tenants entered.

1st Prize: Hans Lyons
2nd Prize: Yun Qing Gu
3rd Prize: Rerekohu
People's Choice: Jesslyn Hanson


The theme for 2012 was 'Tenants, the Hearts of Many Homes'. The exhibition was again hosted by the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre, and 47 total artworks were displayed.

A calendar was produced this year, showcasing the artworks entered into the competition.

1st Prize: Nicola Menser Hearn
2nd Prize: Joseph Hanson
3rd Prize: Justin Sankey
People's Choice: Janet Thatcher



This year's theme was, 'Tenants Made This City'.


The exhibition was hosted at the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre, and art workshops were held at, and in conjunction with, the Tuggeranong Arts Centre.



1st Prize: Maria Sankey

2nd Prize: Yan Qing Gu

3rd Prize: Tess Rey-Cook



2014's theme was, 'Sharing a Bond'. The exhibition was held at the Belconnen Art Gallery for the first time, with a photography prize also awarded.

1st Prize: Leo Francois
2nd Prize: Hans Lyons
3rd Prize: Village Folk
Highly Commended: Aysia Lee
Photography Prize: Aysia Lee Rodgers
People's Choice: Michele Hawkins


2015's theme was 'Rent? Sanctuary? Home?'. The exhibition continued at Belconnen Arts Centre, with the addition of an ANU Film Screening.

1st Prize: Joan Hulmes
2nd Prize: Steven Doran
3rd Prize: Carlsford
Photography: Carmen Carlon
People's Choice: Steven Doran



The theme for 2016 was, 'And it feels like home...' The exhibition continued at the Belconnen Arts Centre, with the addition of a Gardening for Renters event by the Canberra Environment Centre.

1st Prize: Jenni Atkinson

2nd Prize: Christopher McLaughlan

3rd Prize: Carlsford
Photography: Novie
People's Choice: Novie



The theme for 2017 was, 'People, Place, Pets'. All events continued on this year, with the exhibition held at the Belconnen Art Gallery.

1st Prize:
 Annette An-Jen Liu

2nd Prize: April Suen Toy Chung

3rd Prize: Elizabeth Errol

Photography: Chris Endrey

People's Choice: Euan Graham

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